My name is Sarrisa Curry. I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer , group fitness instructor and Rock Steady Certified Trainer. I am a mom, wife, sister and daughter. I have been fascinated with the adaptability and wonderment of the human body since I was 17. I am driven by learning, how the body works, how it falls apart, and how through exercise, nutrition, and change a body can heal itself.

Rock Steady has changed my life. I have met dozens of people who are experiencing a disease that by all accounts steals them away. It is a deeply personal disease. And affects everyone differently. I believe it is a disease that can be fought. It’s a good fight and needs to be taken on with an attitude of strength courage, and determination.

I hope to use the knowledge I have acquired through years of experience to train up fighters in the community. My passion is change. Healing. Improving and maintaining a high quality of Life . And cultivating a community of like minded individuals who support each other, care deeply, and fight hard.



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